My first impression: My project manager kept saying we should do Selenium tests to increase our unit test coverage on the front end. Our previous experience was with Karma and Jasmine (which was also kind of painful) so we tried to put it off as much as possible in the interest of doing “actual work”

Second take: Oh my gosh this is witchcraft. When you use Selenium you can basically program a ghost of yourself that is better and faster that can interact with your application and notices when things break (as long as you tell it what to notice).

The website for their homepage isn’t impressive (it’s not shiny or flat UI) but the framework is incredible. On our project we’re using it with javascript (it’s an AngularJS/Scala app) and while the initial learning curve is a bit weird, much of what you’re testing (clicking and entering inputs) is repetitive.

Official Documentation

Download Selenium

Selenium Web Driver Documentation

Getting Started and Useful Information

This guy has a pretty thorough explanation on how to set up Selenium and the web driver component

50 FAQs about Selenium and Automated Testing

This is a living document – I’ll add or remove resources if they’re found to be helpful (or if someone recommends a good document)

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