Amazon Reviews Milestone: Reviewer Ranking Under 10k

Amazon Reviews Milestone: Reviewer Ranking Under 10k
Amazon Ranking: #9,946

With 85 product reviews and 359 helpful votes, I’ve attained a ranking within the top 10,000 Amazon reviewers.

Why is being in the top 10k a big deal?

All Amazon customers can check their ranking on their individual profiles, but Amazon publishes its top 10,000 reviewers separately in ranked order, which means that if you go to you’ll find this:

This is public recognition that you’re a “good” reviewer – available for anyone and everyone to see in a neat little package with your statistics.

In the past, this might mean that more sellers will contact you because you have the verifiable credentials of Top Reviewer, but with the way sellers have been paranoid (see this post) I highly doubt that this will actually change how anyone communicates with me.

The Next Milestone: Top 1000 Reviewer

Being on the top 10,000 list is great, but if you make it a little bit further up the list Amazon credits you with a badge on your profile


These badges identify our best reviewers. The Top Reviewer Rankings showcase our best contributors at the moment, while the Hall of Fame honors those who have been highly ranked in previous years.

I’m going for “Hall of Fame” – precisely what that means I’ll have to figure out as I go along. I’m guessing if you maintain one of the top reviewer badges for a year you’ll get in. This is also where things start getting tricky, because the higher up you go in the rankings, the more the reviewers are likely to care about where they are in the list, versus some of the lower rankings in which people find themselves advancing by accident rather than by intention.

So far, slow and steady has seemed to be a good tactic; looking at the other reviewers statistics (number of reviews, helpfulness, and % helpful) there doesn’t seem to be a clear pattern evolving. Some reviewers have thousands of reviews, while some have less than 10. This makes me think that Amazon has some way of profiling people that goes beyond what they’re showing to the public, and I look forward to digging in and discovering precisely what that is.


Slowly but surely, I’m making my way up in the rankings. With the top 10,000 comes public recognition, and with the top 1000 comes a profile badge (that’s what I’m after next). With over 7 million reviewers and 189 million  visitors/month according to Statista that means I’m in the top 0.15% of reviewers at the very, very least. Now it’s just a short hop, skip, and a jump to my final goal: the Hall of Fame.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Reviews Milestone: Reviewer Ranking Under 10k”

  • congrats, keep up the work. I just got under 100k myself. been working on it awhile. hoping to get under 10k eventually 🙂 i think im at around 80k right now.

  • Hi! Though I’ve heard of the Vine program (and haven’t heard of it closing down) I can’t say I’ve seen much other information on it unfortunately.

    On certain products I’ve purchased I have encountered that Amazon will provide you an incentive to review (e.g. “We saw you bought this product, if you review it within the next week we’ll credit you with $2”) which I believe the sellers can opt into. But that’s totally dependent on the product and goes out to arbitrary buyers.

  • Vine is alive and active (I’m a participant). Amazon is secretive about how they extend invites. I’ve been in Vine for around 10 years so maybe I got lucky back in the earlier days. My current rank is 1,694. Once you get under 2,000 advancement is slow. It’s very, very competitive.

  • I am a reviewer and my current ranking is 1895, I think … I would love to be a vine voice…I guess I will just patiently wait for my invitation…..

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