Instagram: Milestone – Getting Recognized in Real Life

Instagram: Milestone – Getting Recognized in Real Life

I went shopping on a Saturday morning hunting for a summer party dress. Going to the mall is something I consider a necessary evil because there are some things that shouldn’t be bought online without trying them on first. That being said: my goal is usually to get in and out as quickly as possible without buying anything I don’t need and avoiding as many humans as possible while still being polite.

After successfully conquering my capitalist mission you can imagine my surprise when I got this text from my mom (no one will ever be as big a follower/stalker of you as your parents).

It was about this time that my universe got weird because I had no idea that this had happened. No one came up to me, no one tried to obviously take my photo (I assume), I was completely oblivious. As one of my friends pointed out

“It’s probably not the first time this has happened, this time someone just said something about it”

I’m guessing it’s kind of like when you recognize someone you had a class with in college but never had an actual conversation. The person hadn’t been following me before and didn’t appear to be a developer so quite frankly I still have no idea why they know I exist, but I guess they do.


Someone recognized me at the mall, the internet is weird, and I’m now going to have to put extra effort in to make sure I don’t look like a hot mess when I go out in public.

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