Instagram: The 25k Plateau

Instagram: The 25k Plateau

Over the past few months (if I’m being honest, the past seven months) life has done what it tends to do: it’s gotten really busy

Between traveling for the holidays, a new project at work, planting a garden, and other things that have made my to-do list longer than usual, advancing Instagram growth on Jones Does Life just wasn’t one of my top priorities.

Fun family photo
Pictured: My family

Where We Left Off

We left off mid-October with 24.9k followers. I made 25k in November, and since then I have posted 30 times, which averages to something like 4 posts a month (this is a huge departure from the 15 posts a month I was posting prior to this period).

The Ramifications

Interestingly, I’ve managed to hover around that 25k mark for that half-year period. There hasn’t been a huge exodus or addition since then. In general, engagement has decreased (less messages in my inbox, fewer people reaching out for collaboration), but it seems like over the 20k follower mark results in some sort of stable mass of people that will interact and promote the content you create whenever you create it. 

In the meantime, I have been creating story content. Nothing extravagant, just quick updates to inform anyone curious that I am still alive. It still seems like posting on the native feed is what drives engagement numbers up, and I don’t see a future where you can fully exist on Instagram as a story-based entity. 

Going forward

I’m starting another project that will involve a lot of travel (and ironically, probably a lot more down time) so I’ll be starting back up with the observations, commentary, and experiments. 

One of the things I’m adding to my to-do list is a coherent newsletter with combined life, instagram, and blog updates. If that sounds interesting to you feel free to fill out this form where you can specify what topics you’re interested in.


Though I’ve taken a hiatus over the past few months, the 24k – 25k threshold of followers has held strong with minimal upkeep.

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