Instagram: The Perks of Leveling Up (5k followers)

Instagram: The Perks of Leveling Up (5k followers)
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Close to the beginning of my project, I talked about what a business account on Instagram will get you (namely, statistics). As your account grows, it seems like Instagram will “level you up” in terms of what you can/can’t do.

Here’s the list so far:

  • At 100 followers you can start seeing subscriber statistics
  • Around 5,000 followers I noticed that now in my stories I can see a lot more statistics. I checked this against my smaller business account (less than 500 followers) and the smaller account doesn’t have this capability.

Instagram Story Statistics

Everybody can see which users have seen their stories, but the new statistics are a step up:

With this new update you can now see:

  • Total times the story has been views (469)
  • The number of users who have looked at it (350)
    • If you subtract this number from the total story views you get “People who have looked at this story a second time”
  • The number of people who have directly responded to it (1)
  • The number of people who have clicked through the story before it finished running (71)
    • Don’t take this number personally, I know I usually flip through everyones stories, just because I read fast and don’t like waiting
  • The users/locations/hashtags tagged in the post and number of people who have clicked-through to the respective profiles (16)
    • This is a good measure of engagement

It seems like around 30,000 followers (just a guess based on observation) you can start to add links to Instagram stories; I’m looking forward to seeing what other little perks are out there as my follower count grows.


Note 8/30/17:  Instagram updates their UI fairly regularly. At the time of publishing Instagram seems to have removed this feature as I can no longer see it on either of my accounts. Maybe they’ll bring it back, maybe they’ll keep us in the dark