Milestone: Getting to 1K

Milestone: Getting to 1K

On Monday, March 3rd, 2017 I woke up to 1015 followers.

This honestly feels a little bit like the last milestone: it’s a good sign but also a little underwhelming. The earth didn’t stop revolving and cheerleaders didn’t come out of my closet – though my mum and boyfriend did send me congratulatory messages.

Here’s what I think breaking the one thousand follower mark really means (and what I’ve learned):

  • I’ve learned (read: am learning) how to market myself to an audience that doesn’t know me
  • I’m starting to reach the ‘right people’ in terms of what I am posting and what demographics are being reached
  • People who follow you will probably expect specific types of posts – that doesn’t mean you should let your followers determine 100% of the things you’re posting, it’s an easy way to get trapped – if people don’t like your content, then they shouldn’t be following you, someone else will.
  • People appreciate candidness and occasional long posts – it makes you seem more human and relatable
  • People consider Instagram a blog platform in and of itself (which I’d never thought of before but makes complete sense) – and they consider me a blogger
  • Consistent posting is best for gaining a following, but if you’re trying to post consistently and have a hard time generating consistent content the content quality will lessen (and is that really worth it?)
  • It’s easier to gain followers once you already have followers – In the 4 months I’ve been tracking the daily follower counts, I’ve gone from taking ~10 days to gain 100 stable followers to ~6 days (I also started posting daily-ish)

Next follower milestone (this might take a while): 10,000


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